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Agency Disconnected, Or Sorry, Your Phones and Internet Access Are Down.

We need phones and internet access. It’s impossible to overestimate just how much we rely on being able to communicate, and just how important it is to be able to communicate right at the moment we need it. We don’t even realize just how often we call overseas, or email out documents, until that moment when we can’t.

Not being able to send out an email that a foreign official is expecting? Bad.

Not being able to email documents out to a family? Bad.

Not being able to speak with a family on their way to the airport? Really, really bad!

The process of international adoption is 30% about paperwork and 227% about communication. Out of that, about 720% of importance is placed on talking to the family. Families come first, my staff, both local and overseas, are professional mind readers and know what I meant to say days before I actually get around to saying that.

Telephones and internet enable us to do our jobs. There are, of course, many other things that play an important role too, but without email our efficiency is cut by 50%, without both email and phones – we just can’t work at all. We can still do things in office and handle paperwork, but we can’t actually move the process along. Comcast, however, understands the importance of it, and sent a tech out immediately to look into what seems to be an area wide issue.

We missed some calls, unfortunately, and some of the emails didn’t go out as planned, but we are catching up and by the time this is on our blog – we should be all up and running.

If, however, you didn’t get a response from us as expected – please call us, or email us, again.

Have a good weekend! It’s 3 days and September is almost here, have fun, enjoy the weather.

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