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Upside Down And Inside Out, Or We’re In The News

We are in the news

It was my experience that if I ever wanted something flipped upside down, taken completely out of context, and perfectly misunderstood – the only sure way to have it done was to tell it to a reporter. It’s nice to see that in an ever changing world some things stay the same.

I also learned that there is a better, much more improved process of miscommunication. How could the above be topped? Turns out that it’s not hard at all, just have a newsie take an article and publish it, liberally translated, on a site geared towards reporting for a foreign country.

There are some things, however, that are pretty important. While I can’t say with an outmost certainty, but it should probably matter, that if you are reporting to a foreign country about something that we do in a foreign country, it should be about that particular country. Not the other one, close by, but that country. Yes, they do border each other, but they are still sovereign, independent nations. One being larger than the other by, literally, orders of magnitude, in both landmass and population.

Just in case I wasn’t clear – you got the country wrong!

We consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to work in both of those countries, and all other countries, and we are dedicated to doing our absolute best everywhere we work, but what we do in different countries is different. There are just some things that these countries do differently, and by differently I mean absolutely differently. One not like the other at all. Mixing up countries, mixing up processes, and liberally stating numbers make for exciting articles, but facts should be facts.

I like the attention that our programs are getting, I like that while we are concentrated on doing, someone is taking the time to make sure our programs are talked about, but please, please, please focus on the facts. We are, after all, working in a very important field. International adoption is a very essential, and a very serious field. We work with children, but not on childish things.

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