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The Robots of International Adoption

robots of international adoption

“We are currently experiencing reduced delays in referral transmission and/or acquisition of…” What? Was that written by a refrigerator? Is it one of those “the robot will see you now” futurama things? No? Oh, right, we were talking about a family of human beings opening their heart (metaphorically, of course) and welcoming a living breathing human child into it, right? Right?

There is something I must admit: I am guilty of it too. I am guilty of using robot speak and lawyerese in my writing, in our documents, and on our website. I am, however, a recovering robo-lawyer-ic. (Yes, it’s a made up word)

Working on our new stuff I am trying to get rid of it all, not pile more of that into the conversation. It is, after all, a conversation between human beings, and we are talking about something near and dear to our hearts… NOT “a topic of relatively close positioning to hereby so called aortic pump” *(disclaimer applies).

So, if you see lawyerese and roboticus in some of my writing, or on our website , or in our documents… well, ok, some of our documents are designed to the specifications set forth by our friendly overseas robots, and we can’t deviate from those standards even my a millimeter, but if you see that gibberish in our conversations with you, in our newsletters, or in this blog – please be so kind to point it out to me, so we can potentially allocate resources for addressing or eliminating the aforementioned potential concerns, should one be deemed substantiated.